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Tips for Business Emails

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

1) The subject line should be clear and concise.

2) Spell check your emails and proof read them for the things spell check may miss.

3) Be professional, this usually will mean use proper greetings, if possible identify your recipient by name, avoid using emoticons or all caps and make sure you have a professional email address.

4) Know your audience and your corporate culture. This can affect what is considered professional. For example in some workplaces emoticons are acceptable while others may require formal greetings and titles.

5) Do not send the email before it is finished. A good way to avoid this is don't add the recipient address until the very end. Also remember to include attachments.

6) Verify you have the correct recipient. Especially when you have auto-fill for the addresses.

7) Reply to all of your emails where the sender is looking for a reply. Of course this does not apply to spam.

8) Know the difference between "to" and "CC". Generally CC (carbon copy) is for informational purposes only. The person who receives a carbon copy is not expected to reply.

9) Only select high priority when the email really is high priority.

10) Never answer an email in anger.

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